If you are a preferred specialist contractor or other provider of the NRFA, the Database will contain certain information about you, which may include the following:

  • For contractors - your name and personal contact details;
  • For other providers - your business name and business contact details;
  • The price of engaging your resources and services;
  • Information about the resources and services available through you or your business;
  • Information about any relevant qualifications that you have (to ensure that only aircraft operators who have met the NRFA's Aircraft Standard are engaged by Rural Fire Authorities);
  • Where relevant, information about the nature of the commercial relationship between you or your business and the NRFA (for example, any agreements or understandings between you).

Certain metadata will be collected from all users by virtue of their access to and use of the Database, and will be stored securely and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

Full access to the Database is limited to employees of the NRFA and other emergency service agencies that the NRFA may deem it appropriate to share this information with, such as the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management. Users must not distribute information contained in the Database to third parties, nor use it for any purpose other than to efficiently make and give effect to informed decisions about which specialist contractors and other providers to engage based on a centralised list.

If you are a specialist contractor or other provider, you have the right to access any information the Database contains about you or your business.  You have the ability to correct, change and update this information.  You do not have access to certain personal and sensitive information about other specialist contractors and providers, including their pricing information as competitors. 

If you:

  • would like a copy of the information the Database contains about you or your business;
  • would like the NRFA to correct any of the information the Database contains about you or your business on your behalf;
  • have any questions or concerns about the Database, and particularly the information it contains about you or your business; then

please contact us at info@freda.co.nz.

Contact us

Email: info@freda.co.nz