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The FREDA Database digitises the National Rural Fire Authority’s (NRFA, we or us) South Island Resource Directory, consolidating information about specialist contractors and other service providers that Rural Fire Authorities regularly engage. The Database ensures that all Rural Fire Authorities and other emergency service agencies have knowledge of, and access to, the same specialist contractors and other providers preferred by the NRFA.

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Loading your equipment and human resources into FREDA will enable your National Rural Fire Authority to quickly and efficiently find what they need.

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Resource Types

Equipment resource are broken down into 2 categories, Air and Land. Each category is subsequently broken down info the following equipment/human resource classifications:

  • Air Resources

  • Air Transport Air Transport
  • Fixed Wing Fixed Wing
  • Helicopter Helicopter
  • Pilots Pilots
  • Land Resources

  • Bulldozers Bulldozers
  • Diggers Diggers
  • Graders Graders
  • Fuel Tankers Fuel Tankers
  • Infra red Scanning Equipment Infra red Scanning Equipment
  • Large Water Carriers (>10,000lts) / Pumps Large Water Carriers (>10,000lts) / Pumps
  • Medium Water Carriers (<10,000lts) Medium Water Carriers (<10,000lts)

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